One of the best things about living in Falls Church is that you are surrounded by natural beauty. Take advantage of what nature has to offer you by spending the summer days in the great outdoors. And today we’re here to share ideas for fun outdoor activities in Falls Church.

Go Sightseeing

Falls Church presents you with plenty of opportunities to enjoy the view. We know that because Virginia has a penchant for the beautiful it can be difficult to find scenery that really takes your breath away, but that just means it’s hard not impossible. Visit the Great Dismal Swamp, which, contrary to what its name may lead you to believe, is anything but dismal. This wildlife refuge gives you a beautiful look at the habitat that once covered part of Virginia and North Carolina.

If you prefer the view from the top, head over to Mt. Rogers National Recreation Area. Once there you’ll be treated to amazing views, miles and miles of Appalachian trails, fishing, camping areas, open meadows, and dense forests. If you visit, we suggest you drive to the top of Whitetop Mountain–the view there is spectacular.

If you’d like more sightseeing destinations you should visit this summer, visit our blog post on 8 Unmissable Virginia Sightseeing Destinations.

Visit Hidden Oaks Nature Center

Summer is the best time to get up close and personal with nature. If you’re interested in taking your family on a natural adventure, visit the Hidden Oaks Nature Center. Complete with a pond, interactive exhibits, and live animal displays, this center is perfect for picnics and educational outdoor fun.

Also, if you’re looking to do your part to save monarch butterflies from the brink of extinction, they have plenty of resources to get you started.

Take up Cycling

The summer is a great time to get active while enjoying your free time. One great way to do that, with plenty of health benefits, is to take up cycling. Cycling in Falls Church means an excuse to enjoy the great many beautiful tree-lined bike trails in your vicinity.

Immerse yourself as much, or as little, in wilderness as you’d like as you ride through some of the best bike trails Virginia has to offer. We’ve already taken the time to list some of our favorite bike trails here.

Get Wet at Ocean Dunes Water Park

What spells summer more than a fun day at the water park? This summer take some of your weekend time and spend it at Ocean Dunes Waterpark. There you’ll find fun for kids and adults alike. Designed to bring the beach close to your home, this grassy water park has thrilling rides, waterfalls, water slides, and swimming space for everyone.

If you’re like us and crave something sweet after an arduous day of fun in the sun, why not go to get some a sweet treat at one of the best dessert places in Falls Church? Go ahead. You’ve earned it.

After spending some time in the sun, nothing feels better than cooling down in the comfort of your own home. If you’re looking to do so in stylish comfort, look no further than West Broad Apartments. Take a look at our gallery to get acquainted, or schedule a tour today!